They thought she had the perfect life; wealthy and privileged, an honor student with her whole life mapped out. What they didn’t know was what lied inside of her; pain and anguish; tearing at her until there was nothing left. Lost and alone, the young women (Heather Dorff), finds solace in the form of a glistening blade, splitting her skin deeply. Her self-indulgent mother and obnoxious sister (Kelsey Zukowski), are completely oblivious to her inner-turmoil. She has long since become numb to the world around her, getting that sensual release, as the razor cuts deeper, watching the blood drip, is all that matters. As soon as the last drop falls, the calm is stripped away from her with it. How far will she go to silence the hunger that now consumes her? Will she be able to regain control of her life, body, and sanity?

Evil lies within. How long will it stay there?

Based on the short story “What They Say” written by Heather Dorff

Screenplay by Kelsey Zukowski and Heather Dorff

Directed by Justin R. Romine of Fathead films

Produced by Serenity Pictures and Keith Romine of Fathead Films.

In association with Serenity Pictures and Blue in Black Entertainment

Coming Soon.

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