Funding & Cross Promotion

How Can You help and Be A part of What They Say?

As with all indie films we are working on a minuscule budget. We really need help from our fans and other artists who enjoy and take part in the indie film scene. Please help make What They Say possible! Your donations could SIGNIFICANTLY help the production and distribution of What They Say! From better special effects makeup, equipment, being able to pay those involved, to festival submissions, and DVD distribution.. every dollar earned will be to the betterment of this film!

Donating offers GREAT incentives including:

  • being an extra in the film
  • IMDB credit
  • Official prop gift
  • Copy of the DVD
  • Signed poster
  • Associate and Executive Producer credit
  • Dinner with the cast and crew
  • Invite to the Premiere
  • Official FACE TIME role in What They Say’s ending scene!
  • and much much more!

Check out our donation sites:

What They Say on IndieGogo
What They Say on Rockethub

Each site offers varying incentives so check them both out!

Official “Alternate ending” trailer available to serious investors. This trailer is only available for public viewing at the Raymond Did It premieres (IL, MIL, CA), the Indy Horror Film Festival on March 5th, Cell Block Splatterfest event in Chicago on March 15th, and What They Say’s cast and crew hosting of “Bad Movie Night” event on the 18th and 19th in Chicago.

Cross Promotion:

Promote us and we will promote you!

Be included on What They Say’s:

  • FB Fanpage links and random status updates
  • Twitter posts
  • Indiegogo
  • Rockethub
  • Have your trailer on What They Say’s Premiere for our trailer included on yours!

If you would like to cross promote with us or include our trailer on your movie’s premiere Contact Us.

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